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American-based accessories, leather, and furniture brand Chrome Hearts was founded in 1988 by motorcycle enthusiast Richard Stark and his wife Laurie Lynn Stark. Known for its exclusivity, quality hand-made craftsmanship, and bad-boy tendency to go against the flow, Chrome Hearts is one brand that remains slightly under-the-radar yet in constant high-demand. With its uniquely-treated sterling silver, chunky gothic look, Chrome Hearts jewelry carved out a space for itself within the fashion industry, attracting a huge celebrity fan base like G dragon and Nicholas Tse, and honored with a CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year Award. Discover these iconic statement pieces and more in Chrome Hearts Women’s clothing, Men’s clothing, accessories, and more.

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Chrome Hearts has made waves in the streetwear world since its conception in 1988. Although the brand started with leather pieces, it has now expanded to include jewelry, furniture, eyewear, and more that continue to set the bar high for fashion. Chrome Hearts now has a fanbase across the whole world thanks to its celebrity clients and unique drops that sell out in seconds. Chrome Hearts can be seen worn by all kinds of celebrities including Kanye West, Bella Hadid, and LeBron James. Their stores can be found in the US, Asia, and Europe to cater to its vast international clientele. Discover Chrome Hearts edgy statement pieces within Women’s clothing, Men’s clothing, accessories, and more. From Chrome Hearts iconic cross jewelry to their jeweled Chrome Hearts Hats, Buyma offers a range of iconic Chrome Hearts pieces for you. Find your next statement Chrome Hearts pieces in Buyma’s online Chrome Hearts shop within accessories, clothing, bags, and more.

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