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Designed by Coco Chanel, the timeless elegance of Chanel dresses and t-shirts have attracted a cult following across the globe. The fashion house of Chanel has become a household name and pioneered the way for women's ready to wear clothing.

The secret behind Chanel’s success and elegance is their approach to fashion. Never altering their standard and dedication to quality and style, they have captured the hearts of fashion icons and everyday women everywhere. Chanel is the expert at creating the perfect statement piece that will never go out of style.

Ever since 1910, Chanel dresses have redefined the modern woman’s perception of style and functionality. Crisp and simply designed, Chanel's dresses flatter and accentuates the charm of its wearer. Most notably, Chanel invented the famous little black dress. Coco Chanel reimagined the color black: from traditional mourning attire to the chic fashion statement of women. Every closet deserves to have the CHANEL Black Sleeveless Dress, an iconic fan favorite. For another classic Chanel style, try the CHANEL Midnight Blue Tweed Dress.

Chanel dresses are not just beautiful, every piece of clothing is crafted from fine, premium materials. Carefully designed by some of the best designers the world has to offer, the craftsmanship and quality of Chanel dresses is the sign of lasting elegance and good taste. Simple and luxurious, Chanel clothing is a true investment piece that adds the sophistication every closet needs.

Following recent trends, Chanel t-shirts have become a feminine and understated fashion staple you can dress up or down. Causal but not boring, Chanel t-shirts put a fresh and effortlessly chic spin on any outfit. Made with breathable and comfortable fabric, the quality of Chanel clothing is something you can touch and feel. For a subtle and versatile fashion statement, try the popular Flower Patterns Blended Fabrics Plain T Shirt. If you are looking for something with a timeless pattern, try the Chanel Plain Logo T-Shirts with classic sailor strips.

When you own a piece of Chanel clothing, whether it be a dress or t-shirt, you know you are in possession of peerless craftsmanship and quality. Discover BUYMA's thousands of Chanel dress and t-shirt styles. Find your next signature style with our wide selection including clothing of all colors and sizes.Chanel Tweed Jackets

When Coco Chanel designed the first Chanel tweed jacket, she made history. There are very few clothing pieces more iconic than the Chanel tweed jacket. The Chanel tweed jacket is a must-have of a modern woman's ensemble. Surprisingly versatile, it could be the perfect statement piece for a day in the office, a walk around town, or a grabbing coffee. Simple and feminine, our collection of Chanel tweed jackets includes sophisticated grays and delicate light pinks. Of course, you can never go wrong with the clean and effortless elegance of a white Chanel tweed jacket.

Chanel Tweed Skirts

The perfect complement to the Chanel tweed jacket, the Chanel tweed skirt prioritized functionality and comfort. Decades later, it is still one of the most sought after Chanel clothing pieces. Expertly tailored to flatter the body, every Chanel tweed skirt is made with the finest quality of materials and artful attention to detail. Although this skirt has inspired countless designers, the tasteful charm of the original Chanel tweed skirt is still unmatched. Whether it is a casual or formal occasion, dress to impress with BUYMA's curated selection of Chanel tweed skirts.

Chanel Cashmere Sweater

Chanel sweaters combine the best in both worlds: soft, rich cashmere wool and enduring classic design that never goes out of style. Once you feel the cream soft cashmere in your hands, you will understand why Chanel cashmere sweaters are a luxury like no other. If you are looking to elevate your closet, our wide selection of Chanel cashmere sweaters is sure to impress and last the test of time. Indulge yourself with one of the best kinds of clothing the world has to offer.

Chanel Crewneck T-Shirts

Chanel excels at designing and refining classics. It should come at no surprise that the Chanel crewneck t-shirts are exceptionally simple and stylish. An essential part of an everyday chic wardrobe, Chanel crewneck t-shirts pair perfectly with your favorite statement pieces and accessories. Perfect for days you can't decide to wear and other fashion emergencies. Explore BUYMA’s curated collection of the most popular Chanel crewneck t-shirts.

Chanel Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Like Coco Chanel, never compromise when it comes to your comfort and style. Chanel sweatshirts and hoodies keep your outfit casual, all without sacrificing style. Chanel sweatshirts and hoodies are great transition pieces for people who are starting to build a more sophisticated wardrobe selection. Of course, we carry the most sought after pieces of Chanel sweatshirts and hoodies. Explore our wide selection of Chanel sweatshirts and hoodies.

From our many styles of Chanel dresses and t-shirts featured at BUYMA, we know you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for. Shop Chanel dresses and t-shirts now.


Established by the revolutionary legend Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the luxury fashion house has been a long-standing icon in the ever-evolving industry. Chanel is known for its simplistic elegant pieces that stand the test of time. Coco's signature women’s Chanel pieces such as tweed suit skirts and quilted handbags still remain as the centerpieces of the brand. However, another significant figure, Karl Lagerfeld, worked his magic onto the brand by adding personality to Chanel. Lagerfeld’s touch of edginess, humor, fantasy, sexiness and sophistication is obvious at each collection; every year, the fashion icon pushed the industry with his fusion of fantasy with timeless fashion pieces. With items like iconic women’s Chanel logo handbags, shoes and sunglasses to men’s Chanel bags, and watches, our online Chanel store features an exclusive collection of women’s Chanel & men’s Chanel pieces to choose from.

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