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Holiday Gift Ideas For Him

In the holiday gift-giving scheme of things, accessories are among the easiest to give. Unlike clothing, there isn't the stress of size or fit (with the exception of shoes).
Accessories are personal, but aren't too personal where you have to take existing belongings into consideration, like home decor pieces.
Christian Louboutin
Panettone is always changing a bit for each season with their stones so that all lovers never get bored by Christian Louboutin and collect all.
Louis vuitton
Very stylish and easy to take out coins from purse without zippers. Classic MONOGRAM and EPI are good to gift someone and not too big deal than wallet too.
Alessandro Michele keeps us surprised by his collection. Feels like 'Back to the future' (80's old school but also near future tastes) somehow with gothic and antique print of snakes, tigers and bees.
The smoothest handcrafted leather from Italy that you could never realized until real touch is richly used for a small purse with money clip.
Saint Laurent
This might be chosen by kinda-Western-rock-look. Style up with red shirts and black leather pants then it would be totally rock style, and with white t-shirts and blue damaged jeans then western maybe?
Golden Goose
Not brand new? Nah, it's known as white dusty sneakers with star, and the latest collection is also the handwriting logo 'Golden Goose'.
Getting fit to your feet and leather color change as much as you use them, that's how you basically study the leather oxford from Berluti. BUYMA has limited collection too which all collectors are looking for all around the world.
Loafers (or we could say slip-ons) are very useful for summer, and also fall/winter if it's by leather and could be even wearble for party, so this is must-have item in conclusion.
Do not, but easy to forget that we need a new briefcase so it would be the best choice for gift. Leather one could be valuable for the next 10 years.
Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo's trademark stars on a leather bag and their color changed at both corners in 17AW collection.
The 2017 fashion trend 'logo' label is also in clutches. ANTIGONA and PANDORA are classic models and we are still in love with.
Be aware that VALENTINO is not only 'Rock-studded'. Their latest collection has a tiger in backpack with studded a bit on the top.
Japanese watch brand, SEIKO never changes their basic style but get more fame from all around the world.
This pop watches have so many colors and there should be the one you(he) like to wear for office/weekend.
VERSACE sheep face is very symbol but it also has a unique one too by Donatella Versace.
Originally slim-fit by DIOR HOMME and belts are mostly reversible; black plain leather and something fun pattern like skulls.
Simple but HERMES grafic their elegant world into ties.
Ermenegildo Zegna
Not too old and Ermenegildo Zegna is actually gettig back to their trend with their latest design in ties. This could be useful for any styles; casual & office.

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