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A New Wallet To Start A New 2017.

A New Wallet To Start A New 2017.

A wallet is to celebrate a new year with you, or even you may be encouraged when you get a new wallet. In history, buying a wallet bring out to the new fortune or luck, but in fashion field a wallet is one of the outfit. For example, a bi-folding wallet is for a small bag, a long wallet is to look formal or elegant like at office (read how to look style in office way) or a chain wallet only.
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It is not because of 2017, since winter to spring fashion (people) tend to show their warmness by their look beginning from their money pocket, a wallet. The 2017 start will be with fresh flower, pink and shiny logo etc. This is 2017.

Luxury brand wallets are the trend in 2017, on the other hand, one of middle brands also recently get popular, JILLSTUART. K-POP such as SHINee and Girl's generations become the model to present JILLSTUART and their fans rush to get. 
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