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After completing their work with Moncler, Giampiero Vagliano and Stefano Rovoletto went on to develop Italian outerwear company, Duvetica. The name, deriving from the marriage of the French words duvet (or down) and etica (ethical), portrays the brand’s concept of producing down products in an ethical manner. Designed by a Japanese and Italian pair, Duvetica derives their keen sense from both hemispheres; known for their impeccable attention to minuscule details, tailored silhouettes, high quality construction and use of materials such as grey goose down from Perigord France, Finnish furs, and Lampo zippers. Carefully chosen color pallets that change with each season, keep the brand fresh and uniquely in demand. Duvetica’s luxurious and innovative outerwear made with care and sensitivity is a true signature of sartorial excellence.

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